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Scan Your KeyFrame scan size: 768*576 px (TV-PAL/25 fps), *.jpg format

Should have white background, just keep key chain centered in picture please,
otherwise I have to do it later... Images are ordered as KeyFrames for the east-west timezone based video artproject showing various Key Chains - KeyFrames across the world.

You will see the whole world is changing through Keys!

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Click on the map to localize your KeyFrame before uploading...
where the keys come from mostly?
(a new black dot will appear on the worldmap above right after uploading).

If your keychain is related to multiple locations, please choose the most relevant one.
Try to be as precise as possible, every pixel on the map represents quite a distance!

I'd like to get the MPG of this film when ready .

currently ready 29 KeyFrames which means 1.16 sec of video

Awaiting Your KeyFrame! (need some contact before?)

waiting for your KeyFrame
here are the others